Making protection fun!

SHIN ART is a custom shin guard brand for soccer players. We make soccer protection fun. For many years now, all soccer players need to wear shin guards during games. Our thought: why not make something cool of it?

Five years ago, SHIN ART started as a custom shin guard brand, offering soccer players the most comfortable custom shin guards. We started small, but grew fast to one of the leading custom shin guards brands in Western-Europe. Now, we're not only offering the best and most comfortable custom shin guards, but are growing our products to become an exclusive soccer brand!

SHIN ART focuses on offering the best products and that's exactly why we work together with many professional soccer players. What do they like and what don't they like? But also: What do you like and what don't you like? We strive to keep improving our exclusive soccer products, so that's why we always appreciate your feedback or a review. Let us know your thoughts, so we know if we're still doing the right thing, or need to make a few changes to make our products even more amazing!

Over the last five years we created many custom shin guards for professional soccer players. We collected some of their opinions on our products below.

'I've started using my custom shin guards since the start of 2018. They are very comfortable and I really like the custom design on them!'
Marco van Ginkel, professional soccer player of Chelsea FC

'I'm wearing the custom shin guards for 3 seasons now and I just got the custom wash bag as well. Very nice and high quality products.'
Wouter van der Steen, professional soccer player of SC Heerenveen

'After a long injury, I started playing again with custom shin guards from SHIN ART. They are cool, strong and very comfortable!'
Sven van Beek, professional soccer player of Feyenoord Rotterdam

'It's nice to be able to put personal things on my shin guards so I take those things with me on the pitch when I'm playing.'
Stefano Lilipaly, professional soccer player of Indonesia

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